Has the National Association of Home Builders infiltrated DailyKos?

A Kossack named "dobie" offers the diary entry "Immigration Policy: Unintended Consequences". His point is that we should support illegal immigration lest the housing market collapse:

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) estimates that building an average housing single family unit generates 3.47 jobs, equivalent to 5.9M jobs nation-wide, based upon 2005 figures.

Now, to me at least, that reads like something a corporate spokesman would utter. I don't think "dobie" is a secret agent of the NAHB, rather that he's just a useful idiot. Fortunately or unfortunately, other, slightly less idiotic Kossacks have a negative view of his post in the comments.


Illegal immigration is already starting to cause a decline in homebuilding. When such builders move out to where the new developments are being built, it is not long before they enroll their children in the public schools out there. They will put as many people in a house as necessary to live where unskilled illiterate hod-carriers can get jobs. Then the children are brought in, and the undesirability of an ever-tightening noose of spreading bilingual school districts, slowly strangulates the construction all around a metropolitan area. This is what's happening now; look out below!

You got to ask for who? china or mexico or bush? who is this ass working for? we do have many bad people who love the others if you know what i mean? did you vote today? i did, and i love the lie of voting! so have fun in the new world lie!