Top Bush economist shows folly of Bush immigration scheme

Dr. Edward Lazear is the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers ( ). In March 2005 he wrote "Mexican Assimilation in the United States" (PDF file) for the Hoover Institution. (Via this). Here's the abstract:

By almost any measure, immigrants from Mexico have performed worse and become assimilated more slowly than immigrants from other countries. Still, Mexico is a huge country, with many high ability people who could fare very well in the United States. Why have Mexicans done so badly? The answer is primarily immigration policy. The US lets in far more immigrants from Mexico than from any other country. As a result, there are large Mexican enclaves in the US. Theory and evidence suggests that those who live in highly concentrated communities do not assimilate as quickly, have lower wages, and poorer educational attainment. The fact that Mexicans live in highly concentrated communities explains some, but not all of the difference between their performance and that of other immigrants. The rest may be a result of immigration policy, through which the bulk of Mexicans enter the US on the basis of family ties, rather than job skills.


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Yes I thought that the idea of immigration was supposed to be a plus for the U.S. But that is when it is limited in numbers and that the majority does not all come from the same country, like Mexico. Like southern Ca. has become Mexico north, that was not how it is supposed to work. This does not creat e the melting pot. This creates Mexico and their culture up here. And they should not have the right to decide how we want our country to be.