USA Today: "Who supports illegal immigration?"

As a follow-up to their critically acclaimed article "Nation splits 4 ways on illegals", USA Today will soon come out with an article called "Pro-illegal immigration groups split 7 ways". In the original story their "analysis" divided the nation into four groups: "hard-liners", "unconcerned", "ambivalent", and "welcoming".

Only "hard-liners" want to enforce our laws. And, see, it's a matter of sympathy and little else. The "welcomers" are sympathetic and the middle two groups might be sympathetic. The "hardliners" are completely unsympathetic, despite the fact that if our laws were enforced we could greatly reduce border deaths and stop worker abuse. Darn those unsympathetic meanies! Of course, there exists the possibility that USA Today is defining "sympathetic" as "useful idiots for those who seek to profit off illegal immigration", but let's ignore that.

Anyhoo, in the followup, they'll list some of the types of people who support massive illegal immigration:

The Starchildren: Borders? What borders! They don't want to build walls, they want to build bridges. And, they want to hold hands across the bridge while singing folk songs.

The Lunatics/Libertarians: As idealistic as the Starchildren, but idealistic in an evil way.

The Globalist Scum: (Their word, not mine!) They put George Bush in this category.

The Communists: Yes, they're still around! And, USA Today recognizes that - just like the Democratic Party - they see massive illegal immigration as a way to build a proletariat.

Borderline Traitors: (USA Today rushed to note that they don't mean traitors in the specifically legal sense, only in a general sense of supporting foreign citizens instead your own citizens). They put Dick Durbin and Harry Reid in this category.

Racial Power Groups: NCLR, MALDEF, LULAC, ETC, ETC, ETC.

The Barely Coherent: Howard Dean and Teddy Kennedy are in this group.


Libertarians aren't really for open borders, it's open borders after we sell off all federal lands, eliminate welfare & free schools & all state financed subsidies then open the borders.

Of course all their prerequisites will never happen so it's really a moot point for libertarians.

Any "libertarian" who advocates open borders with our Socialist government is really a "Socialist".

to the guard, the rats know all about whats happening and want it to happen. read "why china wants war", ask who is backing who? that will make you see why so many illegals and why so many support the death of the USA In full.

watch what happens in the next 3 weeks, the deal is done! and so are our freedoms as a people and as a nation and soon our lives, its not mad to see, its mad not to see the facts in front of your face. death to the enemies of Freedom and the USA, Ask how long before people say that and are shot for it?

"USA Today: "Who supports illegal immigration?"

This is a fair question, but IMHO even more important a question is, "Who supports doubling our legal immigration quotas to bring in 80 million new people over the next 20 years" (and flood our already strained schools and hospitals, turn whites into a minority, and all the other joyful consequences).

While I've been galvanized by the illegal alien amnesty debate, I'm concerned that it's overwhelmed an even more dangerous and potentially catastrophic provision of the Senate immigration bill-- doubling the legal immigration quotas when our facilities are already being overwhelmed and overtaxed by the current numbers:

We need to be drawing more attention to, and rallying more opposition against, this dangerous expansion of the legal immigration numbers (which close to 80% of the country does oppose). Otherwise, this disastrous provision might just slip by and go unnoticed in conference or, if this bill fails, whenever a new one were to be proposed.

Brilliant post, maybe Michelle Malkin will pick it up.

by the way pat is also right, but its going to be billions on billions and with no end until you can't pay, because you won't have a job to pay, and at that point you will become the enemy of the third worlds people I.E. THE GOVERNMENT OF THE FORMER USA.

John S. Bolton is dead on the money! and who supports illegals?, "come on", "The Big Money one world pigs", we have so many enemies and traitors inside all government'S STATE AND FEDERAL! we don't have the trees to hang all from! and eh is also dead on the money!

I work at a place that have 3.5 million dollar homes who lives in the homes? about 20 percent American's and 80 percent from all over the third world! ITS WHAT THIS NON NATION OR AS I LIKE TO CALL IT "THE FORMER USA, will be like in 2020, its sad to let a great nation fall into the hands of rulers from the third world, just wait and you will see "the third worlding" of all areas of government with the ideals of the third worlds people, and you will someday be called the enemy without knowing it, just look at the world, and may God help you all.

And let's not forget that the racial groups who favor lawbreaking will received millions in federal taxpayer dollars to aid the "newcomers."

Follow the money!

"supporting foreign citizens instead your own"

Actually, the morons in the Senate no doubt seriously believe that caving in like this to massive illegal immigration from the third world really is in the best interest of America. Go figure.

Starchildren, heh!

Borderline traitors... that's a remarkable term