Bush missed a perfect border photo-op

This post and this one featured pictures of Bush's big photo-op on the border, featuring the leader of the free world tooling around in a dune buggy.

However funny/sad those pictures might be, they can't match this video. It's a CBS Early Show interview Bill Plante did with Bush during his big trip. Behind Bush, you can see three people jumping the border fence. (I can't tell for certain, but the laughter at the end sounds like it was then replayed on the Tonight Show or a similar program.)

If Bill Plante had been paying attention he could have encouraged Bush to rush over and welcome his "amigos" to America, but sadly that photo opportunity was missed.


It looks like a skit from the Jimmy Kimmel show, digitally enhanced for maximum comic effect, obviously.

Of course it's fake, we know the Mexicans were warned of Minutemen presence, why would the presence of our President & his entourage be any different?

It would be negligence of the Secret Service to expose our President to routine border violence or unnecessary embarrassment, coyotes could come across with their dope & AK47s at any uncontrolled spot on the border and to accidently rub out our President as un important civilian would be a definite no no.

As much as the Mexicans hate us & dislike Bush they'd really hate Cheney even more, he might not go along with "the program", he's why Bush will never be impeached.


It looks that way to me as well.



I don't know if you're playing it dry, but I'm pretty sure that's a fake, a funny fake, but a fake.

I used to work at Colonial Williamsburg during the Clinton years, he would visit the hotel two three times year and I assure you, there's no way in hell that would happen in real life.

Nice post of Bush and the bborder. Unbelievable.

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