Sharon Runner stands up to Vicente Fox, Mexican-"American" legislators

Earlier today, Mexico's Vicente Fox spoke before the California legislature. As previously discussed, Todd Spitzer (R-Orange) conducted a silent protest. Another American went even further. Sharon Runner (R – Lancaster) refused to show up for the speech entirely. And, she might face a reprimand from the leaders in the legislature who have divided loyalties.
"I believe it is wrong for the California State Legislature to give this platform to a foreign head of state whose policies and corrupt government institutions pose a threat to the social, economic and security interests of the people of the United States... I will not be attending President Fox's address because I do not believe that his Administration has done enough to enforce our nation's mutual border laws and because his country continues to harbor and protect California fugitives from prosecution in the U.S."

"President Fox has a history of non-cooperation with American officials on immigration issues at both state and federal levels... Unfortunately, I am not surprised that the liberal majority in Sacramento would give President Fox this type of platform in California that puts him on equal footing with our Governor or our President. I would be open to discussion with President Fox if he were coming to explain his country's backward policies and offer some resolution and compromise to the California people. However, that is clearly not the case."

"This is one of those issues I feel that passionate about... I do not want to give credibility to the liberal majority's acceptance of illegal immigration and Mexico's official policies urging its citizens to break the law and come to the United States illegally."

"I think the California Legislature's liberal majority is confused, bending over backwards to support Mexico and illegal immigrants... I was elected by the citizens of my district and that is where I will be this evening, serving the people of the 36th Assembly District."


"insert loopholes to maintain the status quo, and use delaying tactics to do anything at all to ensure that the illegal migrations continue their momentum to the point where countering it will not be possible."

Already in the works, A-D. The day after the vote, the WaPo noted that the database that businesses will have to use was unreliable and the "civil rights" cabal has started to complain that, "Gee Whizz, this database could keep some deserving person from getting a job if a mistake occurs" plus the usual BS about how parts of the law will inconvenience immigrants etc. Apparently the gross inconvenience that citizens have had to endure for decades doesn't count.

Also please note that the amnesty grant is real enough; but as Sen. Sessions points out, no money has been appropriated for security since this is not a money bill. That could take months and all the Congress has to do is not appropriate sufficient money to actually make a dent in the problem. Recall that GWB proposed 2000 border control agents but asked for funding for about 1/10 of that. Think we'll see that fence anytime soon?

If the citizens of the US really knew what awaits them, they would be rioting in the streets. For example, SSI. The people who hit this blog are well ahead of their fellow citizens in understanding the problems caused by massive immigration; but were you aware that the aged parents which these newly amnestied immigrants can in due course bring to the US will be eligible for SSI without having paid a dime into the system? This will, of course, be happening at about the same time as the first wave of baby boomers are eligible to collect social security, which we are told is on shaky ground.

To their credit, in 1996 Congress tried to call a halt to this abuse. It didn't last long. As an ACLU document says, "After the ACLU-NC and a coalition of civil rights attorneys filed the class action lawsuit Sutich v. Callahan in U.S. District Court in March, 1997, Congress restored SSI benefits to most legal residents as part of the Balanced Budget Act. In December the Social Security Administration subsequently issued instructions to allow those noncitizens to receive their benefits." Note if you will these are noncitizens who are receiving THEIR benefits. Why are we allowing immigrants to bring in their sick, aged parents and making them wards of the state?

This document also notes that CA had the most noncitizens affected. Some of them were no doubt the parents that highly educated and well paid Chinese immigrants were bringing to the US, as noted by Norm Matloff of IT fame. It seems that these folks were bringing the 'rents to the US and promising faithfully that THEY would take care of them. They then put them on SSI - plus God knows what else - as soon as they could.

The newly amnestied illegal immigrants in this wave won't have to bother with that even if they were in a position to make such promises; and, face it, most won't be because they will be working low-skilled jobs and supporting their immediate families, which will join them right away. Thanks to ACLU, SSI is apparently now a right even if you haven't paid a dime into the system.

RE: boofugg (May 26, 2006 09:41 AM)

"Demoralized and defeated"? No. Livid? Yes!

I don't comment here very often due to time constraints. My commentary on this issue is posted elsewhere and I'm sure that is the case with others. Plus, I need time to make my positions known to my elected representatives. Posting them on blogs has relatively little immediate impact when multiple votes are being taken every day. My hope is that other readers concerned about this illegal alien amnesty program and national security/economic sabotage/balkanization over assimilation debacle are busying themselves with calling their elected officials.

This administration (and assorted representatives) appear to be set on a North American-South American trade block where labor of any kind traverses freely between nations. Sovereignty manifested by populations sharing different ideals and using defended borders to localize different cultures runs anathema to such long-term policies and threatens globalists.

Bush and like-minded power brokers cannot openly endorse such a plan because the American public would revolt... literally. Consequently, sabotaging physical borders, undermining law that would penalize both foreign and domestic violators, and creating new law which would legalize behaviors previously felonious is the quiet strategy to attain the same ends. Time is the pacifier to quell American dissent, and that's what the Senate legislation with administration backing is seeking to exploit. Create bad law but sell it as "reform", throw token resistance to appear serious but really insert loopholes to maintain the status quo, and use delaying tactics to do anything at all to ensure that the illegal migrations continue their momentum to the point where countering it will not be possible.

Once upon a time (Simpson-Mizzoli era), amnesty and large, uncontrolled immigrant migrations might have been perceived as inocuous though many Americans were upset at the time. It isn't and more Americans have come to realize the threats particularly in view of 9/11. This is a defining issue for this country and no doubt that much of middle America is stunned by the disconnect between it and the Washington bubble. Are we at a tipping point? Hard to say, but this issue is not going away despite the efforts of elected officials to conceal their true intent and to get this issue off the front burner ASAP.

read about why FOX Said what he said, read about your sad future, check out the N.A.JU-JITSU UNION You will see it all.

december 11-12-1999, North American JU-JITS Started its called the north american international conference of the USA/Mexico/Canada, and you do know what that means right?

guys don't get behind anyone! stay in front, do not follow people many will be a "setup deal",to find out who the Americans are.
Our so called low life government has made the deal, the fact is bush and fox and the rats in our so called government want the evil ideals of the "NORTH AMERICAN UNION", INFO IS COMING OUT ABOUT THIS EVIL NOW.

Watch the coming days for what will happen and be said inside government, "the deal is made and it will happen", and sadly people will still not act, but some will and that is what this third world government wants. so don't do what the enemies of freedom want wait and do the right thing at the right time, Long live the USA, By the way watch what this nut case government will do with the great guys in IRAQ who killed our Enemies, SOME ARE BEING ATTACKED BY THIS GOVERNMENT AND BEING CALLED MURDEREDERS, SAD WORLD. Ask bush is he going to talk to his friend bin laden about what to do with our guys?

I think everyone is out buying ammo, I am.

I see this morning that Fred Dawes is damn near the only voice on The Lonewacko Blog. I think this is very telling. It indicates that most of us have been demoralized and defeated by recent events in Sacramento and Washington D.C. Am I seeing the end? Is it all over? Is there anyone out there behind whom we can rally and turn the country from its disastrous course?

watch what fox will get out of your money soon, the mexicans in our dead government know its dead and will start to move for aztlan and will be all for the union of north america, its will help the rulers in mexico city and may God help you all.

oh yes we also have a corrupt government and it is being run by foreign pigs, but what comes next is really going to be out and out the way i would say buy guns but most people are never going to fight for this nation and will live under the third world rulers for a time until you are called the enemy, and yes may God help you all for doing nothing.

the deal has been made for the evil of the so called north american union you will hear much more of this evil in the coming years and live to see the fall of freedom and the total death of the USA, But start calling it the former USA It will be best for your drak future.

as evil has increased during the last few years, so has total corruption of every sort. I guess a lot more is coming at you! in the future you will see large scale graft for mexico and its rulers but face facts this is nothing but a banana republic on the make and a armed one at that.