Vicente Fox: Senate illegal alien amnesty a "monumental step forward"

Vicente Fox of Mexico spoke before the Alta California legislature earlier today, and heartily welcomed the U.S. Senate's sellout of this country:
"It is a moment that millions of families have been hoping for. This is the moment that millions of people have been working for... Today's historic vote is a monumental step forward, but we recognize that there is more debate ahead."
He and Arnold spoke privately for 10 minutes. In his big speech, Vicente also informed us that Mexico doesn't promote illegal immigration.

Meanwhile, from the American side of things:
Assemblyman Todd Spitzer, R-Orange, was among a group of Republican lawmakers who wore yellow buttons reading "No mas" to protest illegal immigration. They also were unhappy that Fox had declined an invitation to meet with them, even though he met before his speech with Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, D-Los Angeles.

"It was my silent protest to tell the president, 'Shame on you for shunning the invitation by a group of legislators who wanted to talk policy,'" Spitzer said.

He said he agreed with Fox's desire to expand economic growth and social opportunities in Mexico but questioned Fox's track record on those issues so far.

"I heard a lot of political platitudes," Spitzer said. "He set out a roadmap that if it were implemented would have the greatest incentive to reduce immigration."


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