Asian "guest" workers have a low "runaway rate"

The 2/20/05 article "New state import: Thai farmworkers" contains the following:
[Mordechai Orian, president of the California-based labor contractor Global Horizons] says... the Thais have a lower runaway rate than the others and are more productive.
The quote above and much more are discussed in this article about guest workers and "cryptoslavery". In addition to Bush, others mentioned include Jack Abramoff and Tom DeLay, and:
...the purpose [of the Senate's "guest" worker scheme] is to allow American employers to tap the enormous labor supply of impoverished Southeast Asian and Southern Asians—while continuing to encourage Latin Americans to illegally immigrate!

Further, in the long run, a guest worker program encourages illegal immigration from new countries, such as Indonesia. Which means that even if a future Congress, in a fit of sanity, were to eliminate guest worker programs, the Cheap Labor Lobby would still benefit from flows of illegal immigrants from new countries...
Obviously, the reason my satire about the Jobs for South Asia Coalition didn't take off is because it didn't go far enough.


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