Senate massive illegal alien amnesty updates

There's a chart with a summary of all actions taken so far here.


jan james do you know what the system wants now? the talk is in mexico city and washington that in the future a union between mexico and the FORMER USA!
You will hear more about this real soon, the big boys inside both governments made note about how little was done by the people, yes a few good people made a stand but most do not care, also understand that this non nation has been fully outsoured to our enemies.
the next move is terror being put down on the people by using gangs and terrorists inside the Former USA To get people in line for the coming hell on earth.
guys like bush need the total dismantling of human and civil rights for the real deal of total control and think of it why would bush do this to the people?

sad fact is most people will live to see this evil but by the time it happens most people will care less, what flag this non nation is under.

I get it more than you think. After losing my job to outsourcing and my husband getting injured doing his construction job that Americans supposedly wont do and then being denied for temporary benefits because we temporarily had to move out of our home and in with a relative. After a combined 67 years of paying taxes I have to watch while im surrounded by illegals collecting benefits to which they never paid a dime into and you think I dont get this picture ???? Think Again !

to, jan james you don't get it, the USA Was dismantle by bush on 5-15-2006, it is now nothing but a powerful armed joke against the bill of rights, the power will be used against people here soon, just like in all third world drug dealing government, it is over and it's death is done, what will people do? one word "nothing", why? you can still have a good life for years to come, but your kids will live and die inside hell when to system become just like mexico. p.s. if you are white god help you if you are black god help you. the hispanics people will be used by the power rats and all non hispanics will become the foes of hispanic freedom, watch and see, over the next 5 years.

as a part of this immigration issue I am a part of that who is here on a temporay basis in Quebec Canada I am from Maine and wnats to be a resident of this country I know the issue is different here then it is in the united states. but they do have the same laws. I had asked here for a extension to be with my candian fiance so I hope that everything will work out for me cuz I am retired and love who I am with. I hope that the government will give us time to work our situration out. I am seeing alot on this more then I ever did with immigration issue where Canada is like a small little America of it's self that has the same freedom that we do.

issue with immigration is this there are immigrants that who had workd for cheap labor ever since they were hired those who are chaimber maids 4those who work for hotel chaines and works for farmer's I feel should get ssi benefits.since they had worked here in this country for many years of there life. but there is problems in the system as well cuz those who has a past criminal record should be checked those as well who has recently been here. sometimes the system does fail because there are ppl that has a cousin or uncle that has a criminal back ground slips by here every now and then. then past the faces of immigration ppl.I feel we should all be concern but why fight the ones who has been and worked here. if they want be citizen a letter should be mailed to the illegal immigrant to read it. and to make a choice to stay here or be a legal resident".

This situation is just unbearable. I simply am astounded at how many elected officials are ignoring the constituents and by their betrayal of us.

they have 70 out of 100 senators helping the drug dealers and bin laden boys to get amnesty that is all you need to know inside the former USA, IN FACT enough to do us all a real good job of evil in this coming hell on earth, you may not see it now. but soon you will. rapes are already going up in san diego and you will see some real evil days ahead, the drug dealers of mexico city and many others want this nation dead,dead,dead, and the boys in washington are helping with a loving heart, we don't need to go to iraq we have the terrorists here and now, inside our so called government, what will you do?