"Mexican government running US immigration policy--Part I"

An interview with a former Border Patrol Supervisor is here:
Because the U.S. Government is so eager to please foreign interests, particularly Mexican interests, Border patrol managers allow the Mexican Consulates to intrude far beyond the requirements of the treaties. There is no requirement under the treaties that the Consuls have access to aliens before they are interrogated, processed or even that the Consuls have access to Law Enforcement facilities. The agreement is simply that if an alien requests to speak to the respective Consul that they are allowed to do so. I think there is also a provision that the Consuls be notified of any injured aliens. The Border Patrol has gone far beyond these requirements in that Mexican Consular officials are allowed to solicit complaints from aliens, even when the aliens had no previous complaints...

[In a specific case in San Diego] Mexican officials impersonated Border Patrol Agents and checked a smuggler out of the hospital and returned the smuggler to Mexico and thwarted his prosecution by U.S. authorities. If this had been done by one of us, we would have been prosecuted for impersonating a federal officer. The Mexican government has special immunity...


This is treason! We have no government of the people, by the people, and for the people any more.

we now know after the fall of the USA( former nation once called the Unite State of America ), That for over 30 years the drug dealers In Mexico city had full control over the so called USA, in the war on drugs and in all areas of life, death to the drug dealers.


Mexico-firsters in high places would be the reason for this.