Scales fall from eyes of BushBot Hugh Hewitt over border fence; Captain's Quarters

Or: A fence, a fence, Hugh Hewitt's fiefdom for a fence

Currently at this site is a transcript of the interview Hugh Hewitt did with ICE Assistant Secretary (and Chertoff daughter-in-law) Julie Myers. Just some of the questions from HH reveal how it went:

...But in terms of actual fencing fencing, how many miles are we talking about? ...Is he committed, though? Did you have a talk with him about extending, for example, the San Diego fence, which is 1,400 miles long, and the El Paso fence, which is many miles long, double, and sometimes triple barrier fencing? Is that on the table? ...So we're still unclear of how far the administration is committed to actual fencing on the border? I mean, concrete, physical fencing? ...And there were no specifics in terms of miles on that. ...But expand on what that means, because I've got to tell you, I'm underwhelmed, because I thought you'd come out with administration talking points on the fence, which was number one to me. And obviously, they haven't issued those. ...So I'm back to the fencing conversation. If fencing is the best way to stop them at the border, why don't we have a plan laid out for that? ...Assistant Secretary Myers, correct me if I'm wrong. I think you just walked the administration back from the fence. ...Ms. Myers, I just want to go back over the fence, because I must tell you, I wagered everything on the President being serious about the fence, because the fence works. And whenever I've heard people talk about it, it works. It works in San Diego, it works in Israel, it works in El Paso. But I must say, I'm completely underwhelmed. It doesn't seem like you really believe in it. (pause) Ms. Myers, are you there?

And then, the final comments:

Well, I appreciate your coming on. I must be just candid with you. I think that's disastrous, politically. I think that is a nightmare, both policy and political wise, because I thought the President had come down for the fence, but you're saying it's really a much subtler approach. ...All right. Thank you, Assistant Secretary for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Julie Myers. I'm just stunned.

UPDATE: Now even stalwart Bush supporter Captain's Quarters says:

It really seems as if the White House wrote a speech to just pacify their critics instead of actually responding to their concerns. If this is how seriously the administration takes border security, then we need to bring a screeching halt to the immigration reform bill until that attitude changes.

What's sad is that both those people are probably serious and thought all this time that Bush was on their and America's side.


"Mexico Firsters" -- good one, John B. I'm writing that down.

There is something shocking in the way the White House, while clearly trying to reach out to the dwindling band of believers, can only try to browbeat them into saving Bush from the Democratic onslaught which promises to impeach him.
Much of substance would have to be delivered now; and specifically on those issues where 'opinion elites' are are in stunningly feudalistic divergence from majority opinion. These are immigration, affirmative action and international agreements.
Republicans are facing an electoral storm of defections of a large proportion of their base and the Reagan democrats. Mexico-firsters in the administration have condescended to sugar-coat the amnesty with enforcement rhetoric and militia movements; but the symbolic concessions to majority opinion only cause the diehard believers to realize that, for years they haven't been offered even this much.