More on Bush's big immigration speech

At this point in time, the biggest question about his upcoming speech is "why?" Since he's apparently going to say the exact same things he's said before - with one slight addition - why is he bothering to give a speech that will just make even more Americans distrust anything he says? His attempts to sell America on amnesty have failed miserably so far, and nothing he can say is going to change that.

The only addition is an apparent Rove-inspired plan to put the National Guard on the border. Apparently that would consist of him supporting a bill by Rep. Virgil H. Goode Jr. [R-VA]. As pointed out here, each NG soldier would have to have a Border Patrol "buddy", they'd have little authority, and the plan would only last one year.

While few U.S. citizens will take Bush's ploy seriously, Vicente Fox has gotten scared enough to verify that Bush is still on his side:
Mexican President Vicente Fox telephoned President Bush on Sunday to express his concern about what he called the possibility of a "militarized" border between the two nations.

According to Fox's office, Bush told his Mexican counterpart he was considering sending the National Guard to the border but said this did not constitute a militarization.

...A White House official told The Associated Press on Sunday that Bush will call for thousands of National Guard troops to be deployed along the Mexico border in support of patrols aimed at keeping out illegal immigrants.

...The official spoke on a condition of anonymity before Bush's expected address on the topic on Monday. The official would not say how many troops Bush wanted to use, except that it would be in the thousands but less than an estimate of as many as 10,000 being discussed at the Pentagon.

..."In the conversation, President Bush reiterated his conviction that the migration issue can only be resolved with an integral and comprehensive reform," the [Mexican news release] said...
"The president made clear that the United States considers Mexico a friend and that what is being considered is not militarization of the border, but support of border patrol capabilities on a temporary basis by National Guard personnel," White House spokeswoman Maria Tamburri said, describing a telephone conversation between Bush and his Mexican counterpart.
Note also that the AP is already getting their point of view out there: "Border Security Plan Worries Texas Town".


How much money did the united state loose on May 1? Bush, why don't you stop and analyze that? Stop wasting time doing what your father was doing, fucking up our nation, and being greedy. Do something good for a change. If you really want MONEY, leave things how they were, not just because this is your last chance means that you can fuck us all up. Terrorist are not coming from the mexican border, they are alreay here in the u.s., Your soldiers are the ones training them. Remember, not every soldier uses camoflauge!

Nations have traditionally defended their borders with whatever armed force is necessary. Why should the USA be any different? Let's follow the lead of that splendid nation, Mexico, ever on the alert to defend its southern border from the menacing residents of Guatemala.

We all know that this National Guard on the border smokescreen is just another George Bush stall tactic. But, with any luck at all, it may turn into a Kent State fuckup and start the ball rolling.

this is a dead nation it will become mexico and the drug dealers are inside the white house.
let's face fact each govenor can only call out the guard for that state not the president unless its a war and bush is a lier and hate you as a people! all of this is a joke and you will all be living inside a hell on earth soon.

watch what happens soon a call for Aztlan to take power!