"Dobbs to President: Do you take us for fools?"

Lou Dobbs:
President Bush continues to push his guest worker program and amnesty for anywhere between 11 million and 20 million illegal aliens, and he insists still that nothing less than what he calls comprehensive immigration reform is acceptable.

And the lies keep coming from both political parties. This president is not enforcing the immigration laws enacted by Congress, and this Congress is failing in its duty of oversight to demand that those laws be followed.

Only a fool, Mr. President, Sen. Kennedy, Sen. McCain, would believe you when you speak of new legislation. You don't enforce the laws now.


Once amnesty is in, as the White House and Senators wish, the first thing that will happen is the newly made citizens will be trolling for minimum wages. Guess what? With no law enforcement, the employers will let them go in favor for more illegals working for paultry wages. Therein enters a whole new layer of unemployment.........Good Grief "BOHICA"

sad fact is guys no one will do a thing becuase most people can still eat well and buy a home and a new car, but soon that kind of life will end, and that is what people don't get, the third world's people will end a good life for most, and the drug dealers will just move into the white house for real, watch what happens in your state and in nation government.

you will see many new faces all mexicans or hispanic inside government, what fun that will be when whites/Blacks or non hispanics can't find jobs and by "de facto", can't get a job.

the new world order is here and now! may god help you all the coming years will be hell on earth, make cells make a fight against evil, we will see many waco's for evil reasons.

Do they take us for fools? Of course they do, duh! They figure we will fall for what ever they say.

Mexico has surpassed Columbia as the biggest smuggler of drugs into the USA.

If you want to see who benefits from the open borders/amnesty/free citizenship policies, follow the money.

I do not have any business ties or investments with the narco controlled government or industires in Mexico. Can everyone supporting the open borders etc. policies say the same thing? I doubt it.

Bush knows full well if he can get this outrage into law, "mexico and his family will win", and the USA Will disappear in 20 years, its all about the death of the USA.