Senate to resume trying to pass illegal alien amnesty

The AP reports that the Senate will spend the next two weeks trying to pass their massive illegal alien amnesty bill.

About 99% of the time this site takes issue with the AP's biased reportage, but this is not one of those times:

...Senate Democrats have expressed fears that protections for illegal immigrants will be sacrificed in the negotiations... Reid has insisted that once the bill is passed, those who support protecting illegal immigrants from deportation must control the Senate team that will negotiate with the House in conference in developing a final bill.

Reid and the other Senate Democrats are not trying to protect the legal rights of those illegal aliens. They're explicitly trying to give those illegal aliens rights to which they aren't entitled. They're explicitly trying to "protect" illegal aliens from deportation.

At its highest levels the Democratic Party fully supports illegal immigration. They are willing to give more weight to the demands of foreign citizens than to the demands of those they claim to represent.

Please choose a Senator or two and give them a call with your thoughts. The main Senate Switchboard is (202) 224-3121 or (888) 355-3588. You can also send free FAXes here.


John S Bolton love what you say, but face facts this mexican drug dealing government cares nothing about what people say and send, it is a nation of evil guys with hate for the USA Now running the system, ask how many will hillary when she gets power will kill for the ideals of onw world?
read 9-11 rise of the police state and matrix of evil and 911 road to tyranny. see

I'm outraged by this treacherous siding with foreign hostiles here, by officials who owe loyalty to the nation, not foreign criminals. I've sent my faxes, using the link, having thus been alerted that there were new items on the fax list to send.