"I am an American" campaign

A new website "I am a proud American" (iamaproudamerican.com) seeks to counteract stereotypes about Latinos. For instance, they've produced a "short film":
In one, a Hispanic man is mowing the lawn of a giant home in an affluent neighborhood. A blonde pulls up in a BMW and asks the man how much he charges to landscape the home.

He replies, "Why would I charge to landscape my own yard?" An on- screen message appears: "I am an American."
Blondes, presumably of the "Anglo" variety? BMWs? Now there's a stereotype they should explore. And, they apparently got this from an old joke.

The person behind this is Bettina Nava, a former worker for America's own John McCain. Whether the site has been done with his assistance or with the assistance of any business groups isn't known. What is known is that while they don't appear to be in the far-left category, they more or less support endless chain migration by one ethnic group ( iamaproudamerican.com/proudamerican ):
We cannot support unrealistic measures that would return our family members, friends and colleagues back to their country of origin.
Apparently our new immigration laws will include a provision that anyone who makes it across the border gets to stay, just as long as they have family members, friends or colleagues here.
For decades, it has been against the law to work here illegally; ironically, it has not been illegal for business to hire a worker without legal status.
I'm pretty sure that's incorrect.

On a lighter note, doesn't the middle model look an awful like the model at the site for Second Federal Savings? Are they using the same clipart collection?


The game plan by the few people who run the country and the world, is to convert the entire world into slaves. The only thing delaying them right now is America. But as anyone can see, America is slipping fast. And I am amazed at how many Americans are so foolish that they are buying into the plan. Foolish is not the word for it. Stupid is more like it. There is nobody on our side. When I say "our side" I mean you and me, the people who know what to do, but are so timid it will never get done.

Why is the US seemingly defenseless in the face of the continuing wave of illegal immigration?

Starting in the 1960s the US started deconstructing its national identity. Today MLK and the Civil Rights Revolution are celebrated in the popular media and the Education Industry by a factor of about 1000x over the Founding of the Republic.

What was once called the Winning of the West is now generally referred to as the Genocide of the Native Americans. As late as the mid-1950s frontiersmen such as Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett were popular heroes. Today our pseudo-heroes are strictly products of the mass entertainment industry. Both leftists and mainstream conservatives have accepted the notion that pre-1964 America was an embarassment at best, a racialist cousin of NS Germany at worst.

Once you have essentially thrown the founding myths of the your nation

This campaign is disingenuous if for no other reason than that Latin Americans will predictably tell you that "they are Americans, too". Why they feel compelled to repeat this refrain I don't know-since presumably they have their own specific national identities.

If people do not fight this nation will become mexico within 5 years, but here is why, our government sent out orders to tell all border guards to tell mexican troops where all the M.M Are at, it also is helping in telling the drug dealers in mexico city how to send its drug into the USA, bush will and is helping mexico city to attack Americans ( BUSH A MEXICAN JIHAD GUY!), "why WILL people" stand for this outrage people think that it will not hit home to that person who just stands around and will not act against politicians who hate our freedoms, EACH PERSON Who will not act against this low life government will in time pay for not acting with that person life.