Senate wants to double legal immigration to 2 million per year

The article "Immigration bills concern some experts" says:
Three key elements of the Senate legislation raise particular concern... [1.] A permanent doubling of today's historically high levels of legal immigration, from roughly 1 million a year to 2 million a year. The provision has attracted surprisingly little attention.
While that has been covered here in the past, it's worth pointing it out again. The article has more on some of the downsides of the Senate's plan. Leaving aside the affects of their plan, if the Senate seriously considers something that's unworkable aren't they calling into question their ability to lead?


My read on this is that doubling the annual quota to 2,000,000 is a deliberate attempt to overwhelm the system. The setup we have now is incapable of processing 1,000,000 legal immigrants, and I am quite sure the proposal includes no additional funding for border security or anything else. There will be a complete breakdown, and any modicum of order and control will be gone. Legal, illegal, it will all be the same and we will be overrun.

"come on", "the pigs in washington", need to have 100,000 million mexicans and third world people here soon for the ideals of one world its all just about dismantling the USA. I HAVE MY GUNS DO YOU?