Zogby: majority support House on immigration

The latest Zogby poll should send a very loud, clear message to the Senate that if they support any form of amnesty their parties will be in serious trouble in 2008 if not sooner. Consider just this one point: "2 percent of Americans believe current immigration is too low". That's 2, as in "two".
On immigration generally, Americans want less, not more, immigration. Only 26 percent said immigrants were assimilating fine and that immigration should continue at current levels, compared to 67 percent who said immigration should be reduced so we can assimilate those already here.

While the Senate is considering various bills that would increase legal immigration from 1 million to 2 million a year, 2 percent of Americans believe current immigration is too low. This was true for virtually every grouping in the survey by ethnicity, income, age, religion, region, party, or ideology.

...Support for the House approach was widespread, with 81 percent of Republicans, 72 percent of independents, 57 percent of Democrats, and 53 percent of Hispanics saying it was good or very good idea.

...When given three choices (House approach, Senate approach, or mass deportation), the public tends to reject both the Senate plan and a policy of mass deportations in favor of the House bill; 28 percent want the Senate plan, 12 percent want mass deportations; while 56 percent want the House approach.
The false choice between mass deportations and amnesties is one continually used by illegal immigration supporters.
...Public also does not buy the argument we have tried and failed to enforce the law: 70 percent felt that past enforcement efforts have been "grossly inadequate," while only 19 percent felt we had made a "real effort" to enforce our laws...
See the link for many more findings, including in a tabular format. And, please send that link to your representatives.


Amnesty is a act of evil against us all and a move by evil people to take us all down as a nation of laws and duty,it also maybe the end of the story of this nation as we know it and maybe the start of a race and civil war that will end freedom on this good earth for all times. say no to evil doers and save your life.

what will you do?