AP/MyWay/ABCNews pro-illegal immigration propaganda

The AP article "1M Immigrants Skip Work for Demonstration" reads like free advertising for the "immigrants" who were marching in our streets. And, MyWay has coupled it with no less than four heartwarming photos of big American flags. Taken together, it's clear where MyWay stands, and I'd suggest choosing another source if you want to read AP articles.

ABCNews prints the same article, this time with just one slightly propagandistic photo of a waving American flag.

The S.F. Chronicle has the same article, with the pictures on a separate page, including this one of NYC protesters holding 'We Are America' posters. The posters are from the New American Opportunity Campaign (cirnow.org).

As described at that link, one of the cirnow board members has allegedly collaborated with the Mexican government. "New American" indeed.