AVWatch: Antonio Villaraigosa and the illegal immigration march/boycott

Or: "Yo no soy marinero, soy capitan!"
Antonio Villaraigosa, Los Angeles' first Latino mayor in the modern era, will skip huge pro-immigration rallies planned for Monday to meet with pro football officials in Dallas, leaving organizers feeling like "a ship without a captain."

Oscar Sanchez, an organizer of the Great American Boycott in Los Angeles, said the mayor's office previously told the group he would speak at a downtown Los Angeles rally on Monday -- then backed out...

...A spokesman for Villaraigosa said the mayor had never promised to be present at Monday's immigration rallies -- part of a nationwide boycott and demonstration -- and that his Dallas trip had been in the works for a long time.

Villaraigosa, the son of a Mexican immigrant, has long championed immigrant rights. But he has urged restraint in the May Day event, asking protesters to be "lawful and respectful" and children to stay in school...
Of course, it goes without saying that Reuters' wording is misleading. It would be more accurate if they had said "has long championed rights for both legal and illegal immigrants, especially those of the same race as he is" instead.

See also "May Day illegal immigration march/boycott: the supporters". Mexican elected officials are sending a delegation to meet with AV. Is that for a day other than Monday, or is that an additional reason why he'll be out of town?


Hey, Ernesto........Y que!!!

Antonio Villaraigosa was at the Wilshire march, and he did speek. I saw him on Channel 7 (I believe), and one of the spanish channels. His speech was strong in support for our people, but interestingly enough it received very little attention from the media. Let's not forget that a large section of what is currently the USA, was Mexican territory as little as a 160 yrs ago. http://www.philaprintshop.com/images/mitchmex47.jpg

Of course this is a point that so many are ignorant of. Those who do know try to avoid this point. Many ignorant people do not know the history because it is not taught in our school system. We were here all along, the white man was the immigrant that came on his boats from England, and the like.

I think the bush guys are backing the mexican drug dealers inside mexico city to take over the usa.

Darn it. I though Mayor AV and the Mexican consul speaking together at the rally would have dealt the death blow to the movement. I guess we can hope for Ramsey Clark to do the honors instead.

People who recruit suicide bombers seldom are seen with bomb belts strapped to their own bodies. If that were the case, their recruiting days would soon be over. Antonio Villaraigoza is a recruiter. You know fuckn-A well he's not going to be standing beside some Mexican idiot in the middle of LA when the bomb goes off!