55 percent of Mexican-Americans consider themselves Mexicans first

I don't have an original link for this, but according to "The menace of multiculturalism":

A poll for the Pew Hispanic Center finds that 55 percent of Americans of Mexican descent consider themselves Mexicans first. A similar study of Muslim immigrants in Los Angeles finds that only 10 percent think of themselves as Americans rather than citizens of the countries they abandoned for new lives here.


john s. Bolton is dead on, thank you, cj that is fanny. your facts are not facts but from some government game playing, most hispanics want only one thing the death of the USA.

I found this Pew study from 2002:

* When asked whether they ever use certain terms to describe themselves, a large majority of Latinos (88%) indicate that they ever identify themselves by the country where they or their parents or ancestors were born, for example as a "Mexican" or "Cuban." They are almost as likely (81%) to ever use "Latino or Hispanic." By contrast, they are much less likely to ever use the term "American" (53%).

*When asked which terms they would use first to describe themselves, a little more than half (54%) indicate that they primarily identify themselves in terms of their or their parents' country of origin; about one in four (24%) chooses "Latino" or "Hispanic," and about one in five (21%) chooses "American."


the hostile claims of the Mexican government on our territory do not, apparently, cause most Mexicans here to take the American side. This means we have a large population of at least questionable loyalty, and the government pretends that they're not betraying the nation by waving large numbers additional, of this very same sort.