Senator Dick Durbin supports illegal aliens marching in our streets

In an interview with the Chicago site "La Raza" (not the NCLR), Senator Dick Durbin refered to the recent pro-illegal immigration marches:

These demonstrations are important, but they have to be peaceful and positive and continue reaching out and bringing in more people. As long as the face of this effort is the face of the family wanting to stay together and to make America a better place, we can win.

That should be considered an extremely scandalous if not traitorous comment. While many of those marching were citizens or legal immigrants, many or most were citizens of other countries. And, they were all marching in support of illegal immigration. Not only that, but he is siding with those foreign interests when he uses the word "we". Is he on the side of the vast majority of American citizens, or is he on the side of foreign citizens who made shows of force in our streets?

The interview is here: A copy is here.

Please give his office a call and ask them to clarify whether he knows who he's supposed to represent:


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