Senator Bill Frist plans to sneak illegal alien amnesty through

From this:
Republicans are planning to make end runs around opposition to a border security bill with the expected Senate approval of billions of dollars in immediate spending and with the Bush administration announcing an increase in workplace enforcement.

Party leaders hope the moves will satisfy voters concerned about illegal immigration and pave the way for more comprehensive reforms, such as a guest-worker program and a path to U.S. citizenship.

...Majority Leader Bill Frist plans to include even more money in Mr. Gregg's proposal, aides said.

"Frist wants to make clear to conservatives that security isn't forgotten as the Senate handles broad-based immigration reform," a leadership aide said. "Spending money now helps Republicans with the base this fall."

Mr. Frist then will work for passage of a proposal by Sens. Mel Martinez, Florida Republican, and Chuck Hagel, Nebraska Republican, that would offer a path to citizenship for illegal aliens who have been in the country for more than two years.

Mr. McClellan yesterday called the Hagel-Martinez plan "a good agreement."
Please contact as many Senators as possible and let them know you're opposed to any kind of amnesty, no matter how they try to hide it and no matter what they try to call it.

The main Senate Switchboard is (202) 224-3121 or (888) 355-3588. A complete list of numbers is here. You can also send free FAXes here.


Frist, McCain, Kennedy, Hillary, and sadly, President Bush.
All American Quislings.

Didn't everyone know that Frist would do what ever he was told to do from the White House? They are calling the shots and he is just doing as ordered. Disgusting. What a total sell out.

so what he is just doing what the one world guys want him to do, "you people", don't think that you are living in a country with rules do you?

"hey", if this non nation becomes a third world hell, "you ask for it", you told each other for years "my Job can't go to some third world monkey" well boys it can and it will.
didn't you? guys get the point 20 years ago and now you can say good night to all you know.

now when this pig shit frist comes up with his bill understand one fact he cares nothing about our borders and as far as security goes, you can forget that right now, after all the bush boys just told you its a one world nation now, or did you miss that fact?