Illegal immigration marches vs. our sovereignty

On the 17th came Heather MacDonald's "Postmodern 'Rights' en Los Estados Unidos":
With last month's mass demonstrations of illegal aliens, the United States has entered the era of postmodern rights. The protesters looked like conventional rights demonstrators, with their raised fists, chants, and banners. But unlike political protesters of the past, the illegal-alien marchers invoked no legal basis for their claims. Their argument boils down to: "We are here, therefore we have a right to the immigration status we desire." Like the postmodern signifier, this legal claim refers to nothing outside of itself; it is, in the jargon of deconstruction, a presence based on an absence.

The consequences of this novel argument are not insignificant: the demise of nation-states and of the rule of law. Remember: The only basis for the illegals' demands is: "I am here." The "I am here" argument could be made by anyone anywhere โ€” a Moroccan sneaking into Sweden could make the same demand for legal status. In one stroke, the border-breaking lobby has nullified the entire edifice of American immigration law and with it, sovereignty itself. None of the distinctions in that law matter, the advocates say. The conditions for legal entry? Null and void. The democratically chosen priorities for who may enter the country and who not? Give me a break! In other words, the United States has no right to decide who may come across its borders and what legal status an alien may obtain upon arrival. Those decisions remain solely the prerogative of the alien himself. The border no longer exists...


it really all coming down to one thing, the new world order using people to taken down our freedoms.
the mexicans and other's who have come here not for the ideals of freedom and laws but for the money and life without fear of being beaten to death by some cop is the only reason that so many millions of illegals are here.
the fact is most third world people do not understand what order and laws are or what duty is or anything we understand as right against wrong is.
most third world people do understand one fact, "I Make money here", by drugs and murder by gangs by Raised Fists in your face is how business is done in the third world.

and so my friends get ready to see a lot of evil acts by your non government and get ready to live in the third world you allowed to happen, "to your kids", your kids will hate you for the evil you have allowed to come here by the millions.

by the way, the mexico city drug dealers are orchestrating all you see happening and your own government is helping, sad world.