The UN's "Borderless" World

From this:
[The United Nations'] bureaucrats envision a "borderless" world where immigration is treated as an international human rights issue and used as a global development tool to encourage free movement of the developing countries' poor to developed nations. This philosophy underlies their preparations for the United Nations High Level Dialogue concerning international migration and development, scheduled to take place in conjunction with the fall 2006 General Assembly session...

The UN bureaucrats' aggressive push into the immigration debate fits in with their dogmatic belief that international treaties should trump national sovereignty prerogatives – in this case, a UN treaty that codifies the internationalization of immigration policy called the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of their Families...

...The United Nations wants to change all that by seeking to position the right to freely migrate from poor to richer lands as a fundamental human right deserving of universal recognition. Indeed, they view internationally managed migration as an effective means to socially engineer the end of wealth disparities existing between the world's most developed countries and the world's developing countries. "Migration must become an integral part of global development strategies", said a report prepared last fall by the Global Commission on International Migration set up with Kofi Annan's assistance to help prepare the way for this fall's United Nations High Level Dialogue. Using the euphemism 'irregular migration' to refer to illegal aliens, the Commission warned that restrictive national policies are "neither desirable nor feasible, and may jeopardize the rights of migrants and refugees..."


"it looks to me", that the new world order of evil is moving into the take over of all so called rich nations, that just happen to be white nation states, "that have people that understand what duty is". the system of total corruption, must work its darkness out on all people who happen to understand that one point of civilization and let me tell you soon the force of total enslavement will hit you and i mean you in the head. long live the USA A to hell with the worlds oligarchies and the darkness of the new world order.

bin laden is nothing but a tool of that new world order and so is the U.N. And our own government of evil doers.