Would illegal immigration supporters favor slavery if they could?

If slavery weren't considered morally abhorrent, would those companies, media sources, and politicians that currently support illegal immigration instead support slavery? Well, probably not. And, frankly, probably the only reason they wouldn't support it is because "A Welfare State With Illegal Immigration Offers Companies a Better Deal Than Slavery".


Yes, there are major differences. However, from the employer's perspective and speaking only in economic terms, employing illegal aliens is a better deal. There are some aspects of the various guest worker programs that are somewhat similar to indentured servitude, such as having to work a number of years to get citizenship.


Slaves wouldn't force a political change either.

That's the problem...Illegals shouldn't have a "choice" to come here, and once they had sneaked in, they shouldn't be given a "choice" to stay.

Well, slavery involves kidnapping and holding people against their will. Illegals freely choose to come here.