Arizona libertarians collaborating with Mexican government official

From this:
The marchers in the Immigration Rally in Phoenix, Arizona, will get some unexpected information during their protest outside the state capitol on Monday. Along with the many leaflets and flyers promoting one agenda or another, many of them received little cards, introducing them to the concepts of libertarianism, free society and open borders, in a sort of "reverse reconquista" maneuver.

These "Philosophia de Libertad" (Philosophy of Liberty) cards will contain links to websites containing further information, including a flash presentation on the basic principles of free society. The cards are being handed out by local Libertarian activist Ernest Hancock and the Representante del Gobernador de Sonora, Ricardo Valenzuela, along with a number of their friends, family members, and fellow liberty-activists.

Hancock is a current candidate for Secretary of State of Arizona, as well as a contender for the Chairmanship of the national Libertarian Party. Valenzuela was appointed by the Governor of Sonora, Mexico, as his official Representative in Arizona...

He reportedly says his actions in this event have the support of Governor Bours...
Is it time to start putting the "u" back in collaborater yet?

On a lighter note, from Hancock's bio (ernesthancock . com) (warning: received prompt from Firefox about it trying to load strange files) this is his list of political experience:

Candidate, United States House of Representatives, 2000
Candidate, United States House, Arizona District 4, 1998
Candidate, Secretary of State, 1994
Candidate, Arizona House, District 18, 1990, 1992, and 1996
Plaintiff, Numerous Law Suits Against the Governemnt for Constitutional Violations, 1991-1998
Chair, Malicopa County Libertarian Party, 1994-1995, 1998.


It may be that what they have in common is that both want war here. The Mexican hopes to gain territory; while the anarcholibertarian delights in war for its own sake. If not so, what is the meaning of offering 'competing providers of protection', to the exclusion of legitimate authority and sovereignty, as a political ideal? Competition for sovereignty is war; war as an ongoing, and idealized, even permanent state of affairs, is what that would mean. Hopefully everyone will notice that those who want freedom for aggression, even to the point of idealizing permanent warfare, are the most enthusiastic for the illegal immigration.