SacBee on flags and "dual loyalties"

The SacBee's "Unity's theme at Capitol as more U.S. flags flutter" has more on the propaganda push by illegal immigration supporters and their use of U.S. flags. Obviously, those mainstream sources that support illegal immigration have been highlighting their use of the American flag, and others have been buying it.
Responding to such criticism, protest organizers have encouraged their people to defuse the issue by displaying more U.S. flags.

That strategy was apparent Monday in Sacramento's marches - though many participants emphasized their dual loyalty by displaying both national emblems.

At the Capitol, thousands of protesters wore white T-shirts emblazoned with Mexican and American flags. Underneath was the word "Unidos" - united.
That's followed by "Jay Mechling, a professor of American studies at UC Davis" offering the standard talking point that puts waving Irish flags in St. Patrick's Day parades on the same level as raising the Mexican flag over an upside-down U.S. flag.
Some Sacramento protesters were determined to get pictures of their American flags broadcast on television. As TV news crews interviewed a demonstrator, others stood behind, holding up the U.S. flag as a backdrop.
While some of them might mean it, as the past marches show for many of them that's all it is: a backdrop.
"Aquí estamos y no nos vamos," [a marcher] said. "We're here and we're not leaving."

..."I'm proud to be Mexicana. I'm proud of my race," [a marcher] shouted...
So, illegal aliens have entered our country and are telling us they refuse to leave? What is that normally called? And, exactly how unhealthy for this country is the racial solidarity subtext of these marches? Isn't there a worry that those who say such things will always put the demands of their race ahead of the country they want to join?


Course a lot of these people don't want to be Americans, they just want to hang out here. Even if they become citizens via amnesty, they still won't be exclusively American even on paper; they'll probably hold dual citizenship, a nonsensical convention if there ever was one. They'll be American citizens, but with Mexican flags and Mexican passports. Imagine tens of millions of legal voters in this country who have a formal allegiance to Mexico.

Yes, well, unfortunately for the genius "organizers", and perhaps also for these apparently easily allayed/duped reporters, we're not being asked to legalize the few organizers, but instead the tons of illegals, many of whom, as we all saw, if left to their own ideas would prefer to wave flags other than the American one.


Not that I'm a big flag-waver myself.

Today's home page reminds us that once they are legalized the illegals will be eligible for the whole panoply of "Affimative Action" preferences: