The Walter Duranty Award for Immigration Coverage goes to...

The New York Times, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and just about every other newspaper or media outlet that's tried their best to spin foreign nationals marching in our streets and making demands as "immigration marches".

I previously linked to Networks Champion Cause of "Americans" Marching for "Immigration Reform", but since that shows just how much the network news tried to lie about this issue I might as well link again.

Now comes "CNN's Dobbs Scolds Papers for Distorting Agenda of Protests by Illegal Aliens", which involves the New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal. It also contains this:

"One newspaper, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, however, was somewhat more straightforward. It made this astute comment in an editorial today saying, quote [text on screen]: 'Organizers wanted the marches to be more about people and less about policy. Most television stations swallowed the bait and delivered news reports soft enough to follow Sesame Street on PBS. The reason for such an attest is obvious. If marchers made the demands the centerpiece for protests, the outcry from American taxpayers already fed up with immigration would overwhelm the previously full mailboxes of every member of Congress."

(See also this older editorial from Vin Suprynowicz about a meeting with pro-illegal immigration activists: "I don't know what an illegal alien is").

There are signs the NYT et al didn't show you here and here. There's a photo gallery here.

And, Powerline has their video reports linked to from this post. Note also the striking pro-enforcement results from their poll. I saw at least one leftwing blog linking to it, so even with that only an extremely small percentage of votes (not necessarily of voters) support amnesty.

And, for those wondering why Brian Becker of ANSWER wasn't at the big illegal aliens march in DC, he was in NYC.



Since our masters are determined to erase the distinction between legal and illegal immigration isn't the celebration of legal immigration through Ellis Island now a meaningless anachronism? It is only fitting that we close down the museum and bulldoze the site.

"and just about every other newspaper or media outlet"

NPR's coverage has been either very soft or downright supportive, with fawning, 'gee whiz' types of interviews with organizers etc. And of course hardly a mention that the "immigrants" they're talking about are illegals. No coherent, complete counterargument (that I've heard), hardly even a counterpoint.