Today's foreign citizens marching in our streets roundup, Part 2

democrats for illegal immigration

Like me, a blogger wonders whether the infamous poster is really from the Democratic Party. (Wouldn't they say "vote Democratic"? Or, is the flyer's terminology correct?)

I don't think I've ever linked to the BushBots at Powerline before, but they say they'll have footage from today's illegal alien marches tomorrow.

According to KFI, former MEChA member and current alcalde de Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, spoke before a relatively small march and never once made a distinction between the legal and illegal kinds of immigration.

That lack of a distinction appears to be a very successful attempt to basically lie about what these marches are really about.

For examples of that propaganda, see "Networks Champion Cause of 'Americans' Marching for 'Immigration Reform'". On their nightly news shows, all three networks lied to the American public about these rallies.

There are many more links in the posts starting here and working back. Also see this and this. (warning: sidebar takes forever to load)

There was violence directed against Americans at at least three marches: "Assault underscores tension as Congress weighs immigration reform", "Scuffle breaks out at immigration rally (Arizona)", and a blogger's camera was smashed.

See also "Immigration Rallies Live Thread Day 2", pictures from the Santa Ana protest (now featuring Nativo Lopez, nee "Larry") pictures from the Rochester protest proudly featuring the International Socialist Organization (which was also involved in the near-riot in Baldwin Park), and this perhaps-real poster featuring "HONKIES, why don't you take your ASSES back to Europe", featuring the famous drawing of the half-Irish, half-Spanish Che Guevara.


And here's an article about the difficulty of deporting criminals once they are caught, an argument for not admitting them in the first place.

alcalde de Los Angeles, I must try to remember that and I'll look for a chance to use it. And Fred Dawes, calm down, start taking your medication again, and save some of that venom for your elected representatives.

of course, we're not expecting the nation and our government to collapse it is not what the boys want us to understand, we wouldn't know how to cope with the situation when, "not if it happens by plan", because business and drug dealers and many other's don't want you to see the writing on the wall.

the war in iraq is part of the show so we don't see the facts in front of us all, otherwise, the worthless bastards would have to fight for our country now all the pigs have to do is wait until the rats have 100 million inside our nation and take it.

it has happened in history and will happen here inside our land of freedom and total nut's who are running us into the third world hell and maybe for the one world guys.

villaraigosa people are working hard to make charles story of evil become real and many are using the ideals of evil like aztlan and our so called government to make us all into a slave nation like mexico.

I've seen "Vote Democrat" on Democrat official stuff, so its possible that the Democrats did this, but without some other evidence, I'd be reluctant to say this a Democratic recruiting attempt as others have alleged.


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