Dallas illegal aliens march: George P. Bush was scheduled

Hundreds of thousands of foreign citizens are marching in our streets, making a show of force and demanding that we give in to their demands.

Normally, you'd expect the president of the United States to be opposed to illegal aliens marching in our streets, but George W Bush is a quite different kind of president.

George P. Bush - nephew of the president of the United States - was scheduled to speak, but didn't show up. Is there any possibility that he would schedule himself for something like that without first discussing it with higher-ups in the family? From the article "Activists sign up protesters to put them on road to polls":
...Many politicos attended Sunday's march to get important face time with voters or potential voters. Among them were state Rep. Royce West, and state Rep. Rafael Anchia, and much of the Dallas City Council, including Elba García, Angela Hill, Don Hill, Pauline Medrano, Ed Oakley and Steve Salazar.

Dallas lawyer George P. Bush, nephew of George W. Bush, was scheduled to speak but didn't show...
I think it's safe to assume that the Bush family is on the side of the illegal alien protesters and not on the side of the millions of American citizens who are shocked by the marches.

There are pictures from the rally here. (Via this)


Too bad the annointed one couldn't make it. The sight of Jorge P. lending the prestige (?) of the Boosh family name to one of these demonstrations would have "outed" the whole lot of them: Jorge W., Jeb, et al and exposed them for what they are: fellow travelers or useful idiots. Jorge W's approval ratings likely would have sunk to Boris Yeltsin-like levels.