The "Reconquista" goes mainstream

And even Insty notices, linking to this by Kaus, which links to a swear-word-ridden rant by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez is a "bestselling American author ... named one of the nation's 25 most influential Hispanics by Time magazine".

In less influential news, the falsely titled story "Immigration Rallies Take On More Civil, Deliberative Tone" reports on Monday's big march by and/or for illegal aliens and contains this:

"These student protests are also about rights, said Dr. Julio Cammarota, a professor of Mexican-American Studies [at the University of Arizona]. "It's about the right of people who have a historical political economic right to be in this land we call Aztlan."


"And there is no such thing as Latino."

Yes there is.

And a big part of the problem with illegal Latino (or Hispanic, if you prefer) immigration to the US is the Latino part. This is due to average group differences between populations that we see evidence of around us every day, and therefore know exist, but are not supposed to talk about. For example: that when compared to the existing US majority white population, Latinos are, on average, 1) significantly more likely to be criminal, and 2) significantly less likely to do well in school.

Based on this evidence, it would seem reasonable to question the long-term value to the nation of mass Latino immigration, legal and illegal.

So even a seemingly purely political point of view that the demographic heritage of the US as a majority white nation is worth preserving (and so legal and illegal immigration must be curtailed) is not really so, i.e. is not purely political, due to the fact of group differences.

Xenophobic my ass, Piero! Pull your head out of your ass and take a look around. How fuckin' old are you anyway. Probably not old enough to have seen how all this shit came down over the last fifty years! Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and every one of those shitheads in Congress can kiss my ass too. And there is no such thing as Latino. You are either a U.S. citizen or you're not. Designating yourself something other than a citizen or a non-citizen is just a cop-out so you are not compelled to take a stand on the illegal immigration issue. And they have fucked this country so bad now that I'd rather stand on a Mexican flag as do anything else with it.

Aah, how I love the xenophobic remarks. Combatting ignorance with ignorance gets us nowhere.

And I assure you that what this professor said is completely ignorant. As a latino, when I hear these loony bins "representing" the latino voice, it makes me cringe. Please do not make a sweeping statement and judge all Mexicans by what people like this moron say. Likewise, I will try to not judge Republicans by what nutcases like Bill O'Reilly or Rush Limbaugh say.

Alright already! I've heard enough from these traitorous motherfuckers! It makes me want to go to the bathroom and take a big old Cammarota and then wipe my Aztalan with a Mexican flag!