John Kerry, Harry Reid confused about whole "America" thing

A completely unverified comment here says:

John Kerry on IMUS this morning claimed poeple wanted to deport 12 million Americans.

If anyone has a tape that would be great.

And, KFI-AM Los Angeles played a snippet of Harry Reid saying that hundreds of thousands of Americans had taken to the streets to protest for immigration "reform". While some of those were Americans, many or most are actually citizens of other countries, and all of them were supporting giving rights to citizens of other countries to which they aren't entitled.

Obviously, both Kerry and Reid need to take a Remedial Civics course at their local community college.


To neocons like Michael Medved everyone on the planet is either an American or a proto-American-unless they're either French or Muslim. He is a traitor wearing the mask of a super-patriot.

I heard Michael Medved make a shockingly similar comment at the start of his show yesterday. It was something like this...

"These people are Americans who aren't citizens yet."

Obviously I'm not a hundred percent certain, but it sure sounded like that.