Juan Jose Gutierrez + ANSWER = revolution!

A blogger went undercover at an ANSWER meeting and has a report. The meeting mostly concerned ANSWER's upcoming Monday April 10 rally for illegal aliens in Washington DC and their NYC rally on the 29th. A featured guest was Juan Jose Gutierrez (also featured here in "AVWatch: Villaraigosa's under-reported associations" and "The Trojan Horses of Sacramento").

At the meeting, National Coordinator of the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition Brian Becker reportedly said the following:

"The Sensenbrenner bill is so odious, such a threat, so far reaching in its efforts to criminalize, make felons out of the 12 million people who are doing nothing except trying to feed their families, and make felons out of all those immigrant communities that assist those people, that the lash of the oppression, of that repression, of that counterrevolution, that it provoked the beginning of what could be a new revolutionary movement. Maybe it won't be the ultimate revolution, but certainly it has the ingredients and elementary factors that make up all revolutionary movements. If you think about it, this is the way that all great movements start, including the American Revolution."

Don't think they're so fringe; as the Villaraigosa link shows, the current mayor of L.A. spoke at one of Gutierrez' rallies. And, the Los Angeles Times refered to ANSWER's LA chapter as an "antiwar and anti-racism group".


Listen to John S.Bolton and you will not have to find me in the woods with my m-14, save money be smart. but also understand one fact mexico and its people are doing a new kind of crusade on this country.

We should round up all of the illegal, free-loading rodents and send back to their piece of shit country. If these morons put as much effort into fixing their own country as they do trying to illegally get into mine, maybe they wouldn't have to come here.

The Workers World Party(creator of ANSWER) was a Soviet- backed Communist Party front during virtually the entire Cold War; it masqueraded as "Trotskyist" but they backed every Stalinist regime that ever existed. Today they are closely linked to North Korea because that is the last remaining hard-core Stalinist government.

If we are successful in keeping amnesty from being passed and in getting a true enforcement bill through Congress, we can look for the next "demonstrations" to be a little more, shall we say, interesting. That may be what it takes to wake up so many of our citizens who don't seem to "get it".

According to the "report", there were only "about twenty people" there.

But there are relatively few in Congress as well, and look at all the damage they are about to do.

As I've screamed from the bell towers every day we're headed for civil war.

They saw the last one 30 years in advance and DID NOTHING.

They saw it coming in Bosnia & Kosovo and DID NOTHING.

Pacifists who incite riots and dream of war, or revolution as they call it, are not rational. Try to damire, also, their antiracism, which sees racial background as a revolutionary credential, apparently.