Rush Limbaugh on illegal immigration

I rarely listen to Rushbo, but a few weeks ago he seemed to be carrying Bush water on Dubai ports deal. Yesterday however, he appears to have verged off the Bush reservation.

Here's more from Tuesday's transcript, including this:

I mean, if they're afraid to enforce the current laws on the books for fear that they will lose politically in terms of Hispanic votes, then isn't any kind of enforcement going to upset this community and impact negatively the possibility they would vote for Republicans down the line? So I don't see any kind of enforcement mechanism here that's going to work.


If the Republicans don't soon grow a backbone I suggest that all the staff members of those running for reelection in Nov. start job hunting early to avoid the rush. As a converted democrat I can always switch my vote of stay at home and save the gas. Voting for any of the crazy democrats would be against my upbringing and bad for America, but that's the way the wind is blowing. We can make the news of the day come true, there is a shooting civil war coming to the U.S., we can just make it happen sooner.

I wouldn't go so far as to say that Rush jumped ship. He'll go down with it if it comes to that. He was merely criticizing people who don't agree with him as usual.

That Rush has jumped ship shows that there are limits to even his loyalty. The Senate just compromised to give legal status and eventual citizenship to what they think are 11 million illegal aliens. A few predictions:
1) Although they may not all take advangate of legal amnesty and citizenship, the government is going to be surprised when they find out there are probably more than 20 million illegals here.
2) Current illegal immigrant flood of several million a year will turn to a massive invasion to get in on future blanket amnesties and citizenship. Don't be surprised by a 10 million a year figure.
3) Goodbye representative democracy in America. Oh Home of the Brave and Land of the Free how we loved you. But, better to have loved and lost...