CNN immigration poll misleads about HR4437

We've seen an awful lot of misleading polls recently, and the one from CNN takes the cake.

They received a 47% for, 44% against to this question (about the unnamed HR4437):

As you may know, Congress is considering a bill which would build fences along 700 miles of the border with Mexico, increase criminal penalties for illegal immigrants who are caught inside the U.S., make it illegal for organizations such as churches or charities to provide food and medical care to illegal immigrants, and increase penalties for employers who hire illegal immigrants. Based on what you have read or heard, do you favor or oppose a bill that included all of those proposals?

The bolded part is highly misleading, if not an outright lie. It would make it illegal for anyone to knowingly or recklessly do what's specified, not just churches or charities. And, even with that misleading statement, they still get more for it than against it.

They also asked this:

How important will the issue of illegal immigration be when you vote in the congressional elections this fall? Illegal immigration will be the single most important issue when you determine your vote; it will be very important, but not the most important issue; it will be somewhat important, or it will be not important at all?

14% said "Single most important", 43% said "Very important", and 31% said "Somewhat important". While some of those probably support illegal immigration, I'd imagine that most of those 88% are opposed to it.

It's really not that difficult to articulate a common sense immigration policy that doesn't include amnesty and that has built-in safeguards against being racially demagogued. Perhaps the Democrats should jetison their loony left wing and their racists and see if they can be an American party again.


I think it is about time that a law is passed to stop illegal immigrants. I feel it is time we take back America for the true-blue Americans. If a immigrant sneaks into the country and does not register, then they need to be punished. I also feel it is bull for an immigrant seeking nationalization should be made to take the test in English, not their own language. I also feel that anyone who wants to be a citizen must read, speak and write English fluently. I am so sick and tired of when I am at work, answer the phone and there is someone on the other end who can't speak English. One of them was even rude and called me stupid because I couldn't speak Spanish and hung up on me. It is not my fault that I speak the language of America, English, and not Spanish, which is not our national language. I feel if you can't speak the language then you do not belong here. So they either need to become an America 100% or go back to where whence they came.