"How to get "big business" opposition to immigration reform"

If illegal aliens who'd been here for several years were granted amnesty, they'd have to present proof that they'd been working and such, right? If this post is correct, then employers might oppose that amnesty for fear of being accused of having employed illegal aliens.

While it's good in theory, I see a fly in the ointment. Namely, those busine$$e$ would convince their repre$entative$ to include an amne$ty for employer$, or would simply claim that they had no knowledge that the employee was an illegal alien. And, who would dare to prosecute any such employers anyway?


Any job I have ever had in my life required me to show my social security card, and some jobs required me to produce many more documents than just a social security card. If I had ever given an employer a social security number that did not belong to me, or a number that was never issued, I'm sure I would have been questioned about it in short order.

Don't people who hire illegal aliens check to see if it is a valid number issued to the person who presents it for employment?

My wife worked in the admissions section of a truck driving school in California. Every applicant who applied for truck driving school had to give his social security number. My wife would then run the number to verify it belonged to he person who submitted it. Many, many times the number would come back to an entirely different person or it would be a number which was never issued to any living human being in America.

Needless to say--people who submitted phoney or non-existent social security numbers were not accepted into truck driving school.

Why are not all employers required by law to do the same social security check?

Oh, I almost forgot to mention---the people who gave phoney or non-existent social security numbers to get into truck driving school were invariably Mexican.

I'm not surprised to still be seeing blatant ignorance in the anti-immigration movement. Employers are only required to complete and retain Form I-9 and to review documents. They are not required to verify the validity of said documents. A set of fake documents can be obtained for a couple hundred bucks max in any major city in the US and in many smaller towns. These documents can fool most naked eyes.

To suggest that employers are vulnerable of prosecution under an amnesty scheme shows obvious ignorance.

Surely you noticed that in all of the proposals it was the IMMIGRANT who has to pay a fee and back taxes, right? No mention of his employers having to pay fees and back taxes.