Tim Rutten on Lou Dobbs

Is Tim Rutten of the Los Angeles Times correct in his assesment of Lou Dobbs ("Lou Dobbs: bile across the border")? Rather than discussing Rutten's thoughts, here's a handy chart perhaps showing why the LAT would be so upset:

Dobbs: reports on backgrounds and affiliations of racial separatist groups and politicians who used to belong to said groups

LAT: covers up those politicians' backgrounds and affiliations

Dobbs: covered the mini-riot in Baldwin Park, reported on how an American was hit in the head by a counter-protester, reported on groups involved

LAT: covered for the groups involved, downplayed the attack, called ANSWER's LA affiliate an "antiwar and anti-racism group".

So, it's understandable how Rutten could be angry: Dobbs is showing his paper to be the propaganda rag it is.


Of course they don't like Lou. He is the only one in the media who speaks up for the average American citizen. Most all of the other media is in support of illegal immigration and/or the guest worker program, which we all know is an amnesty.