Dick Morris' idiotic thoughts on immigration

Dick Morris offers "Menace in Mexico". If you read it with a proofreader's eye, you'll notice that it has several errors. Unfortunately, his thoughts have even deeper errors.

He wants us to pass immigration "reform", aka a "guest" worker scheme. Because if we don't, it will drive the "Mexican electorate" (presumably refering to Mexicans in Mexico, although nowadays one has to think that through) into the hands of AMLO, aka Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

If AMLO becomes president, he and Hugo Chavez might not give us their oil. And:

Think we have security problems now, with Vicente Fox leading Mexico? Just wait until we have a 2,000-mile border with a chum of Chavez and Castro.

First, as I understand it, it would be foolish for Mexico to refuse to sell us oil. If we don't buy their oil, they might have to ship it to China, thereby decreasing their profits. Perhaps someone who's an oil expert could weigh in.

But, the more important fallacy in Dick's thinking is: what if we give in and then despite all our craven capitulation AMLO wins?

Won't we then have the worst possible scenario? Millions of new "guest" workers and millions of new illegal aliens, together with an even more hostile Mexican president?

What would AMLO do, given such a situation? Would he even go for the full enchilada, and threaten massive riots performed by his people in our country if we don't give him what he wants?

Obviously, someone who's thinking this through clearly realizes that the safest solution is to back away slowly: stop Mexican attempts to send us as many of their citizens as possible. Because, the more they're able to do that, the more power they have in the U.S. and the greater our danger should a Mexican president be even more hostile than the previous ones.

Dick Morris' strategy is one of capitulation, and hopefully our leaders will spend a bit more time than he did thinking this through. Please contact your representatives and urge them to do more thinking than Morris.


It is not economically viable to send any massive quanities of oil to SE Asia. Why on earth would they buy lower grade high sulfur crude, that they dont have the capacity to refine vs buying high grade sweet crude from the Middle East.

Chavez is just blowing smoke and playing to the masses. Their oil is going nowhere in significant quantities.

I'm not illegal but yo're all idiots most immigrants have at least one job or more and they pay 490 billion in taxes only to receive little or less than half of the more important government help such as medi-caL.

evil times are coming, and may god help
you all.
long live the usa.

the guy is owned by hugo chavez and villaraigosa is working for Hugo and othre's dick is a real dick.

Read Paul joseph watson, see prison planet and understand what is happening here.

"he and Hugo Chavez might not give us their oil"

What else are they going to do with it -- eat it?

Do you notice that most of the news shows on TV, you see much more people on who are in favor of this guest worker plan than you see those who oppose it. There were many segments about the hard working illegal immigrant and not too many showing the Minutemen and giving them a voice. And they try to malign them while I truly believe they are trying to protect our country. Go Minutemen!