Who organized the illegal immigration marches?

There's a long article here listing some of the groups involved: unions, Catholic clergy, far-left groups, and even teachers unions.

He notes also that the Georgia immigration march was organized by former Mexican General Consul Teodoro Maus. However, he fails to mention that it was apparently your blogger who brought that to wider attention; I just linked to Allan Wall's earlier article about that consul.

In any case, if you want to know who else is on the other side it's got lots of names.


I live in the UK and I couldn't believe my eyes when I turned on the news this morning. Who do these ppl think they are? I sincerely hope the U.S government holds it's ground against the illegals, otherwise we are going to see a similar thing in other countries. The UK is overflowing with II's, too. If they start this game over here, i'm going to blow a gasket.

If I was to walk down any street in any city in the State of California with an American flag in one hand and a sign in the other saying, Illegal Aliens, Please Go Home, one of two things would happen: I would be arrested in about five fuckin' minutues, or the illegal aliens and there sympathizers would kill me and eat me. You wouldn't see boofugg no more!

Why are we letting these people get away with that shit!

Imagine what would happen if thousands of US citizens marched in Mexico - or for that matter almost any other country - demanding their "rights" and waving the US flag. Imagine further if a sizeable number if not most were in that country illegally. Hard to imagine, right? What do you think would happen to them?

These protests go quite a bit beyond the anti-war protests. What makes them very different and worth much greater scrutiny is the fact that many or most of those involved were foreign citizens, the marches were designed to support foreign citizens, and foreign governments may have been involved.

If far-left groups worked with foreign governments to get foreign citizens to march in our streets, they pass from being simply far-left groups into a different territory entirely.

Who gives a crap about who organizes a protest. A lot of protests are organized and nobody shows up (Nazis, KKK, etc.).
We got a hundred thousand moving against the racist policies of a corrupt president. Observe what's really happening rather than speculate as to what the radical commies might be conspiring.

"billions of dollars"

Yeah, we're gonna need all that money for prisons and remedial education programs.

mostly churches and radio. There were plenty of American flags even the organizers told people to bring them (my site has a lot of pics w/ American flags) and they were given out as well.

The big picture is billions of dollars for taxes, medicare, social security, economies are in jeopardy if you want them to go home...your choice. And yes, I know it sucks that there are wages coming down in some industries. But overall I don't think government would want to throw away billions.

What did you expect? Of course liberal groups are behind this movement. The photos of the Mexican flag replacing the American flag is so maddening. Where do we go from here, as out leaders aren't listening.

"even teachers unions"

Brilliant. TBH, with 'No Child Left Behind' in force, the last thing teachers need is more Hispanic students. Dumbasses.