Dear Chris Nolan

She writes:

I am no immigration policy expert. I read Marc Cooper and think he's right.

Marc Cooper is right when he writes simple declarative sentences about ice being cold, the desert being hot in the summer, and the like. However, he's usually wrong when he discusses immigration. See my various comments at his site(s).

It's the faith in the document, not the paper, that binds us as a society and when people peacefully exercise their right to free assembly, they've clearly gotten the memo.

And, when foreign citizens who have no right to be in your country march in your streets demanding rights to which they aren't entitled, serious people who are concerned about this country realize they have a major problem on their hands.

I'm going to pass on characterizing the rest of her comments, because she and her comments are a waste of time.


Her article reminds me why I am no longer a Democrat. Prejudice is wrong--except against Caucasians. See all her sneering references to Caucasions, like "white boys." Go to hell, Ms. Nolan.

Shame on me. I am an American citizen and I have not taken action to protect my country.

Whether you think Marc Cooper is "right" about immigration or not is a matter of opinion, and regarding that 'to each his own'. (In fact, people who share Cooper's views have mostly just that -- only an opinion, i.e. you cannot find much logic in their arguments.) But after looking at his site, I do know this: he is one pathetic simpleton.