Pictures from Los Angeles illegal immigration march

There are several photos from the March 25 rally here. Especially note this one.


You people are pathetic illegal immigrants do a lot for this country and let me tell you something...without them the whole United States economy will go down the drain. You're lucky to have people in this country that do all the jobs others won't do. I hope you only that there have been statistics shown that without immagrants a basket of strawberries will cost about $15 each! So you want to "send them over the border"...okay then you go out and cut grass, pick fruit, clean houses, work you butt off over 8hrs a day 7 days a week and all the other horrible jobs no one wants to do...good luck trying to fill their places..

This is were America will see how much they need them!

A lot of politicians are creaming all over themselves because it looks like the illegal immigrants are unstoppable.

I told those same politicians a long, long time ago that global warming and illegal immigration were eventually going to fuck 'em right up their asses.

And now it's true.

Yea let the multi-million mob of criminal invader Socialists vote!

They have benefits for elderly white folks to cut and programs for anchor babies to fund!

Yea! Horaaaay for MOB RULE and non-Republican governments worldwide.

Power to the people!

Bush immigration plan rules!

The deamorats want the illegal for one thing,
and that is thier vote.

Send the lawbreakers back over the border.