Paul Krugman on illegal immigration

Paul Krugman writes:

In other words, I'm instinctively, emotionally pro-immigration. But a review of serious, nonpartisan research reveals some uncomfortable facts about the economics of modern immigration, and immigration from Mexico in particular. If people like me are going to respond effectively to anti-immigrant demagogues, we have to acknowledge those facts...

Aside from the name-calling and his misreading of HR4437, he's... mostly correct.

12/26/13 UPDATE: The link has a much longer excerpt.


His self-righteousness in nauseating. He continuously expresses an attitude of moral superiority and in the end fails to take a stand on any policy position showing that courage is not a characteristic of his any more than his other imagined virtues.

Well, it took this overeducated idiot long enough to recognize the truth of what many others have been saying for years.

The idiots accomplished one thing with their 'overthrow' the U.S. government march. Millions of slow to anger American 'citizens' are now ready to throw the criminals back across the border.