"Illegal Aliens Captured Working at Naval Undersea Warfare Center"

From this:
Federal agents arrested three Guatemalan nationals and one Colombian national who were all working illegally for AID Maintenance, a Rhode Island-based company that provides contract cleaning services to both the the Naval Undersea Warfare Center and the Naval Station in Newport R.I.

In Monday's operation, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents apprehended the individuals as they reported for work at the base. The workers, who had access badges authorizing them to enter the Naval Station, were identified after agents audited the hiring records of more than 250 AID Maintenance workers. The audit found deficiencies in more than 50% of the records of the employees on the company's payroll...


so is this the kind of work Americans "will not do"?
funny I put-in a work app, some 5 years ago, never got a call back.

it looks to me that bush and business need al qaeda guys working at the warfare centers for the ideals "of one world", if you know what i mean?
tell me something? is bush planning on making a al qaeda navy? and helping bin laden with more money? to be sent home by all the guys bin laden sent here for bush and the drug dealers in mexico city? maybe its a move for world peace?

see it for what it is, not what you want it to be, bush and this government want you as dead as bin laden and mexico city want you dead. buy guns be free.

Read John S. Bolton he understand what is happening.

That's another indication of the hugeness of the national security holes that illegal immigration opens up. It is only the backwardness of Alqaeda-type organizations which prevents them from exploiting this weakness of excess openness, to an explosive degree.