Mexicans: Americans are lazy, racist exploiters

You're probably not likely to read about the latest Zogby poll in the usual sources since it tends to cast a great deal of doubt on those who support massive illegal immigration from Mexico. Namely, is it wise to import millions of people who have a low opinion of Americans? Why not import people who have a high opinion of America and support our people and our system? Why ask for trouble when it's not really necessary?

Twin polls were conducted [1] of both Americans in the U.S. and Mexicans in Mexico:
Seventy percent of Americans said the U.S. is wealthier because there is plenty of opportunity and work available in the United States, but 62 percent of Mexicans said the U.S. is wealthier because it exploits others, the Zogby poll said.

...a majority of Americans want U.S. lawmakers to crack down on illegal immigration. Sixty-two percent of Americans said they favor "more restrictive" immigration policies, the Zogby poll said.

...84 percent of Americans said they held a positive view of the Mexican people, but only 36 percent of Mexicans had a positive view of Americans.

-- 78 percent of Americans consider Mexicans hard-working, but only 26 percent of Mexicans consider Americans hard-working.

-- 18 percent of Americans consider Mexicans racist, while 73 percent of Mexicans see American as racist.

-- 42 percent of Americans see Mexicans as honest, while only 16 percent of Mexicans see Americans as honest.
Similar percentages blame either corruption or government policies for their countries' problems. Only half of Mexicans want to have a "strong relationship" with the U.S.; Americans favor that by 62 percent.

Related: 58% of Mexicans AGREED with this question: "the territory of the United States' Southwest rightfully belongs to Mexico."

I know that "liberals" are real daredevils, but aren't we playing with fire here? Shouldn't we only allow people to settle here who respect our laws and our society? Shouldn't we have even the barest of standards other than just having a low-wage job?

If you support illegal immigration or massive immigration from Mexico, do you really think you're doing what's in the best interests of this country?

UPDATE: In the intro to this post I forgot that those on the other side are quite adept. Reuters spins the poll in the bestest way they can find: "Americans, Mexicans oppose border fence: poll" [2]. Oddly enough, they don't mention the "more restrictive immigration policies" that most Americans support. Nor do they mention almost all of the other data points that point to the absolute foolishness of unrestricted immigration from Mexico. I should have known, I really should have known. ------ [1] Was: cnsnews . com/ViewNation.asp?Page=%5CNation%5Carchive%5C200603%5CNAT20060320b.html [2] Was: news . yahoo . com/s/nm/20060322/us_nm/mexico_usa_dc


Unfortunately, many Mexicans, coming from a colonialist tradition, are quite racist, viewing people literally by the color off their skin. The darker you are, even amongst other Hispanics, the worst you are treated by many Mexicans. Needless to say, many Mexicans, (some of whom I've known personally in the past) consider Blacks to be subhuman. So, when the die-hard liberals who function not on principal and fact, but in trying to be PC, take this into consideration. Also, here is an excerpt from a very reliable source.
On NPR's "All Things Considered," Gloria Ramirez Vargas, a politician in Baja, Calif., rallied her constituents with a similar cry: "Many Mexicans are nourishing the ground in the U.S., but those lands were once ours. Those same lands, which now with intelligence, with love and with a lot of work, we are re-conquering again for our Mexico."
Do we really want a large number of ignorant, racist illegal laborers who are hell-bent on taking over this country flooding into this country? By the way, the majority of Mexican workers work construction and domestic jobs where they are paid in cash and under the table? Do you really think they are paying taxes? No, their wages are being sent back to Mexico. A large part of the economy of Mexico is sustained by illegal workers coming to the US, making money, not paying taxes, then sending the funds back to Mexico. There are statistics on this. Does anyone know how much US money is being pumped back to Mexico every year?

they need to keep the mexicans where they were at because they are prejudice and disrespectful and the united states have the nerve to want us to speak there language bull shit, its bad enough we have enough immigrants trying to be like us or try to be better than americans they talk about us like dogs and they look at us as if we don't belong here get a load of that stupid shit they need to send them all back i hope this world come to a fucking end

We don't need to import unskilled labor. We have more unskilled labor born and raised right here in the United States than we can shake a stick at. They are unskilled because they said "Shut up, Bitch!," when there mommas told them to go to high school. Those unskilled laborers are now called criminals and welfare cheats. Let's put the sons-o-bitches to work. They may not have learned anything from their mommas, but they will damn sure be educated by the boss on the chain gang.

If we are going to import millions of unskilled laborers we would better off with the Vietnamese than the Mexicans: they are poorer, work at least as hard, have a much higher opinion of Americans, and drink a lot less. Plus, for the benefit of the guilt-ridden, we owe them something for the destruction caused by the lenghty Vietnamese War and the subsequesnt abandonment of the Saigon regime by the Democratic congress. Recall- we cut off aid to our allies, but the Soviets continued aid to the North.
BTW, we owe the Mexicans nothing for conquering territory inhabited largely by non-Spanish speaking Amerindian tribes and including a few thousand Spaniards and Spanish-speaking mestizos.