Protest against illegal immigration: Crawford Texas, May 6, 2006

Several groups are going to be "lawfully and peacefully" protesting against George W Bush's unwillingness to prevent illegal immigration on May 6 in Crawford TX. The website's a little hard on the eyes, so hopefully they'll bring it into this century soon.

In any case, it will probably get a lot of attention from the White House, but hardly any from the media. And, the entire event will probably get less press coverage than a day's worth o' Cindy.

If you intend to go, remember to stop in Waco and take a tour of the Dr. Pepper museum. Unfortunately, I didn't visit that when I was there a few years ago: Part 1, Part 2.


Well I understand that we are illegal immmigrant to this country, but we immigrant here because life is easy here, you can give your family a better life. But we do not get taxes back from the goverment, people say we do not pay our taxes, but I disagree because it gets discount out of our check all the time and in the nd of the year we do not get anything back.
Also I heard that healthcare is free for us, we apply for ACCESS or other plan as any low class American in order to get healthcare, if you are going to hate us for us, then you have to hate the low class American people who can not affort Healthcare.
I do not know what you people hate us. Please give me good reason beside the fact we are illegals. and I will be happy to answer your questions or your concerns.

I can not believe that illegals think they are not doing anything criminal.They are here illegally.It needs to be stopped.They are not immigraants,they are illegal aliens.I don't understand why our country is not enforceing its immigration laws.People who employee illegals should be fined or their business's shut down.There has to be a way for our country to live within our own laws and not have aliens telling us how to do it.

Hello, I now you probably hate me but I'm African American... Notice the word American... I have been trying to find out what will Amerians do? We have been complaining about Illegal Immigrants and yet none of us have gathered together against this issue. Blacks and White alike will have to unite. We have made no appearances as though we don't have a voice about this matter.