Mexican citizens demand rights in the U.S.

Yet another march by illegal aliens and their supporters, this time in Portland. Joseph B. Frazier of the AP provides coverage biased towards the illegal aliens and those who profit off them here. There were reportedly 4000 participants and they were opposed to not just HR 4437, but to gubanatorial candidate Ron Saxton.

Just to make that clear: citizens of Mexico and other countries who are here illegally are trying to have an influence over our laws and our elected representatives.

The march was supposedly "peaceful" but it was also "boisterous", featuring threats like:

"No amnesty, no peace," they chanted. "No justice, no peace."

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A funny, rather one-sided idea indeed, eh. Our last big amnesty in 1986 - the one that was supposed to be a one-time only amnesty - had an estimated fraud rate of 70%. IMHO people whose whole existence in the US has be the result of one illegal act after another are not good candidates for residency, let alone citizenship.

"No justice..."

They have a funny, rather one-sided idea about that.