Dubai: The man from Hope, UAE

At the same time as Hillary was complaining about the UAE ports deal, Bill "Bubba" Clinton was working behind the scenes to push it through and to get his friend and former press secretary, Joe Lockhart, to represent Dubai Ports World. link, link.

Anyone hear crickets?

Unlike others, this blog will continue to discuss this story, should it receive any more coverage in the press that is.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that Bob and Elizabeth Dole are involved in a similar familial conflict of interest.


I wish it were a double-wide instead of a taxpayer funded palace. Oh well.

Yes, I do think its a good idea to give this issue emphasis and keep it visible for a while. Because, like 9/11, should something happen in our ports the dems will claim they were never for it. Then we can respond that Jimmy and Bubba were two of President Bush's biggest supporters.
Incidentially, with those two supporting me, I would change positions faster than a New York minute. Jimmy is always wrong on ever single issue and Bubba always has some crooked deal going. Strange bed fellows for a conservative man of faith. Curious.

I'm not sure why there's a problem. Since when do spouses have to agree on every issue?

Sounds like trouble at the Clinton's double-wide.