Casa de Maryland: funding

Casa de Maryland is a government-funded organization that strongly supports illegal immigration. And, they recently threatened to follow around not just members of the Minuteman Project but their children as well.

Where do they get their money, and what can you do to help shut them down?

This thread (see posts #17-#19) has a purported list of their public funding sources, as well as contact information for many of them.

Could the reader take a few moments and contact one or more of those parties and express your opposition? And, find out what they intend to do about it and report back.

Of course, contacting the Senate and expressing your opposition to "guest" worker schemes is a bit more important, but if you've got the time...

Here's the list from the thread:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Latino Health Initiative of Montgomery County
Maryland AIDS Administration
Maryland Cigarette Restitution Fund
Maryland-National Park and Planning Commission
Montgomery County Community Development Block Grants
Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services
Montgomery County Department of Housing and Community Affairs
Montgomery County Office of County Executive
Prince George's County Community Development Block Grants
Prince George's County Council – Special Appropriations Funds
(Councilmembers Will Campos and Thomas Dernoga)
City of Takoma Park


AIDS is a fairly difficult disease to catch unless you share dirty needles during IV drug use or have unprotected sex with an infected person. These are things that most of us can easily avoid, indeed, would have no interest in.

More lethal to the average person where illegal immigration is concerned are such communicable diseases as TB - especially the drug resistant strain - polio, various forms of hepatitus, etc. One of my major concerns about day labor sites is that they are prime ways for communicable diseases to be spread to an almost untraceable number of people. Also true among restaurant workers.

I guess they're big AIDS draws too, I can see drug companies funding the importation of AIDS carriers to increase their maintenance drug profits.

A great economic plan (for the drug companies).

Hispanic immigration is to a fairly large degree importing poverty, so a lot of these 'immigrants' are charity cases right from the beginning -- this is the raison d'etre for organizations like Case de Maryland. That won't change, so no doubt they will continue to get money, no matter how bad or even outrageous their conduct. The catchphrase "Immigrants' Rights", whether they are here legally or not, is pushed as something roughly equivalent to a 21st century Civil Rights campaign.

I e-mailed the CDC with my protest.The rest of the list looks like a collection of probable political hacks and ethnic chauvinists. The Maryland Cigarette Restitution Fund, for example, sounds like a haven for political patronage employees who are the useless relatives of officeholders.