Philadelphia Inquirer supports illegal immigration, "guest" worker schemes

That paper offers the editorial "Crossing the Borders Immigration dilemma: Finding middle ground". It's a long editorial and it's chock full o' canards. This bit tells you all you need to know:

President Bush, who was governor of Texas, knows quite a bit about immigration from Mexico. His instincts are pragmatic.

That makes sense, just as long as your dictionary defines "pragmatic" as "completely corrupt; wants to flood the U.S. with cheap labor."

Previously, from a columnist for the same paper came: "Send illegals home - pronto!"


If there are conspiracies to break USA laws and those laws are being broken every day, then pragmatic means working to support the rule of law. It does not mean looking the other way or supporting the criminals.

I was hoping to get your email adress so I can send you policy papers from the senate republican policy committee concerning immigration issues.

From the editorial:

[And a lot of people who have nothing against immigration per se have trouble with the notion of letting thousands of illegal workers off the hook for flouting the rules.]

If there were only "thousands", while still unwelcome it would not be nearly so a big problem.