Fred Barnes is mostly clueless on immigration

Fred Barnes ("FB"), the executive editor of The Weekly Standard, shows that he's almost clue-free "Losing Friends and Influence":

On immigration, Bush is not a conventional conservative or any other kind of conservative. His instinct is to sympathize with immigrants. Bush believes that whether they come to the United States legally or illegally, they come for the right reasons, chiefly for economic opportunity and the chance to shape their own destiny in life.

Does FB seriously believe that Bush believes the BS he peddles?

This has put the president deeply at odds with most Republicans in Congress and the army of conservative talk radio hosts and their listeners around the country. They regard Bush as a slacker on immigration. Their primary aim is to tighten security along the border with Mexico. And the legislation that passed the House last December would do exactly that, partly by erecting a 700-mile wall.

Actually, supporters of illegal immigration bring up "border security" in various contexts. They say that illegal immigration has increased despite increased border security. And, they say that a further increase wouldn't work. What many opponents of illegal immigration support is going after the employers. Since many of those employers or the organizations representing them fund the GOP, I guess we can understand why Barnes might want to ignore that point. That's assuming, of course, that he even understands what he types.

Bush had little influence in the House debate, though he wound up endorsing the measure. His mistake was having proposed in 2004, as his first major immigration initiative, a program to allow illegal immigrants to work legally in this country. Most Republicans and conservatives want stepped-up border security to come first...

Plus, bankers, employers, and others who profit off illegal immigration doing the perp walk.

...How could this adversarial relationship on immigration have been avoided? "If we had to do it again, we probably would lead with enforcement," a White House official said. In other words, soften up the immigrant-bashers with dramatically increased border security and then, and only then, seek a temporary worker program in a year or two. That might have succeeded.

Yes, Fred, it's all about "bashing" "immigrants". And, note that Barnes is basically suggesting a scam designed to flood the U.S. with cheap labor rather than supporting what's in the country's best interest.

As things now stand, the president's hopes rest with the Senate. His strategy is to get senators to include a modest guest worker program in their bill--a program that could be expanded later.

Yes, because many members of the Senate are just as corrupt and un-American as our president.



We need more Americans like you. God Bless You jk

The pro vs anti illegal immigration groups can be easily catagorized:
Pro Illegal Immigration - no respect for the rule of law in America, no compassion for the lowest and weakest American workers driven from their jobs by unfair competition, and no thought to the future of Mexico if we prop up a corrupt narco-government by taking millions of their people a year.

Anti Illegal Immigration - respect for the rule of law in America. Belief in the free enterprise system (Americans will take any job in America if we let the free market set the wages). Patriotism-- Let's love America, serve her, sacrifice for her, and defend her.

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