The myth of a labor shortage: letter to the L.A. Times

The LAT prints two letters under the heading "Immigrants taking jobs from unskilled workers":

No technologically advanced industrial nation like the United States, which has 27 million functionally illiterate adults, needs to be concerned about a shortage of unskilled workers.


It's reassuring that a newspaper whose editorials support immigration can report the unvarnished truth in news articles: Immigrant workers contribute to unemployment among blacks. The civil rights movement of the 1950s and '60s was able to reduce job discrimination because it took place before immigration skyrocketed.


Yes, it is easy to refute usual pro illegal immigration propoganda. But, we are up against two national political parties who are pandering to the hispanic vote (and yes about half of the hispanics who are American citizens support illegal aliens). We are also up against criminal businesses who hire illegally aliens and break IRS, OSHA, RICO, etc. laws. They have enormous influence.
It's a tough fight, but I think we should continue to point out that everything about illegal immigrants is criminal, except their being deported. We should also keep pressing for and supporting the applicatin of RICO statutes. Americans hiring illegal aliens ought to be in federal prison alongside the illegals.

it's funny, because i easily convinced the two most liberal secretaries in my office why illegal immigration is bad, why american blacks are getting stepped over, again, by big business and politicians in search of cheap labor and the "hispanic vote," why our middle class is going the way of the dinosaur and why it is a absolute falacy to argue that there are certain jobs americans just won't "do." they were absolutely convinced and nodded in agreement with everything i said.

the problem is that such logic will rip a hole in traditional democratic and republican thinking and ideals. until we start thinking 'outside of the box' and with the mindset of protecting our own citizens, this problem will continue to fester to the point of a socio-ethnic epidemic. how sad.